Legion Riders

President: Bill Travis 

Road Captain: Steve Oleniacz

 Meetings every 1st Sunday of the month starting in March ending in Nov. @ 12:30 pm 


 ALR Post 1194 Facebook

American Legion Riders chapters are well known 

for their charitable work, which has raised 

hundreds of thousands of dollars for local children's hospitals, schools, veterans homes,

 severely wounded service-members and scholarships.


Riders know this, but the general public may not be aware. If you have never been part of a benefit ride you should know at least this:

Bikers PAY to ride. Something they could do for free. But they choose to pay to ride, the fee can be anywhere between $10 to $20 or $30 per person. Not only do they pay to ride, they usually drop a lot of cash for the extras. Raffles, 50/50, and silent auctions, even Toy Runs for kids....

When you see a group ride by, they are probably riding for charity/great causes/benefits! Instead of getting upset because they blocked traffic or caused you a slight delay, please remember this: They are very generous people!!!

Give them space and your patience. It sometimes helps to have a little reminder about things. So please be patient and smile when you see them because they are doing something good for someone you may know, or for a good cause.

Post 1194 ALR presents 

a 500 dollar check to Broome County CHOW

 They challenges the rest of the Legion Riders in the area to do the same!! 

Post 1194 Riders donate to homeless Veterans 

The American Legion Post 1194 Riders donated in total $500 in gift cards to the homeless Veterans in Binghamton on Aug 11, 2019 

For questions on rides email road caption " Spider" at redranger17@aol.com